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Our Services

Application Development
Taglogic's strength is in taking full responsibility for developing and maintaining new applications. Services include developing new applications, and modifying, integrating or maintaining existing applications.

In order to service its International corporate clients, Taglogic resorts to client location based affiliated staffs to maintain close contact with the customer, participate in the development of requirements and design documents (typically in spiral or other staged process models), develop QA and test plans, and provide strong communications to and from the development team in Lebanon.

Taglogic's Lebanon and KSA staff work closely with the requirements and design documents, writing detailed requirements and designs if needed (which are reviewed intensively with the customer). They perform software development services in key environments such as .NET and Java, on all major database and Web integration vendor platforms. Staffs are well versed in UML, source code control, code reviews, automated regression testing, and other core technologies for development, QA and testing. QA staffs are skilled developers and are able to assess software quality thoroughly.

Software and Web Product Development
Taglogic's CMM-based software process allows us to bring a product from inception to market in a short period of time, with high quality and cost-effectiveness. Our process allows both creativity and well-structured interaction with our customers. Taglogic can implement the full software lifecycle, from inception, through elaboration, construction and transition, including re-factoring when needed. Taglogic has an agile process, whereby our client location based affiliated staffs work very closely with the customer and with the Lebanon-based staffs to ensure that emerging issues and resolutions are discussed, understood and implemented in a structured, effective manner.

Taglogic can start with detailed requirements and designs, or it can begin with initial concepts, prototypes or use cases. We will provide a structured, documented, managed and repeatable process to develop your product, in any of these scenarios.

Test Services
Taglogic can provide outsource test services for application certification. Taglogic has extensive experience in test tools and test automation; requirements, design and code reviews; and process audits. Taglogic can provide test services for your own internally developed applications, for those developed by a third party, or in scenarios in which integration across multiple systems must be tested and certified.

High Tech Startups
Taglogic has an effective model for leveraging the limited resources of high-tech startups. By utilizing staff in Lebanon, the size of the development team can be substantially increased over what would be possible with North America/Europe based developers, while delivering a high level of software quality and timeliness. Taglogic's iterative development process provides frequent deliveries of the software system to the customer, so that changes can be made with minimum disruption, whether those changes come from external forces, such as competitors, or internal reassessments of the focus or scope of the system. Taglogic has substantial experience working in this mode with startup customers, and we are able to effectively communicate, manage and develop systems in this environment.


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