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RFID Consultancy and Product Development   
Taglogic has extensive experience with RFID within the supply chain. It has developed a successful and innovative software system for WaveMark Inc., in which medical devices such as stints and pacemakers are tracked, using RFID tags, through the manufacturing, transportation, hospital and patient stages of use, through final disposition of each item.

Softwares were developed for several custom hardware devices, which operate in difficult radio environments, and require substantial software sophistication to filter and correct the raw data received. These devices are integrated with central Web servers and databases, using Web services, while adhering to strict regulations on patient privacy and hospital security. Massive amounts of RFID data are then stored and analyzed on WaveMark servers and made available to manufacturers and hospitals through a series of analytical reports.

Performance, availability, security, and flexibility are key requirements for this software suite. Taglogic developed the entire system quickly and cost-effectively.
Within the RFID field, Taglogic can bring in its extensive knowledge through:

  • RFID Systems
    • RFID Data Flow Design
    • Tagging Procedures (when, where, how)
    • Mandate compliance (GEN2, FDA, etc.)
    • Warehouse coverage analysis
    • Hardware and Software product selection

  • RFID Consulting (CG-Taglogic: Taglogic consulting arm)
    • Preparation and Negotiation of RFID Systems RFQ
    • RFID Pilots Design, Specification, Design and Implementation supervision
    • RFID Enabling Supply chain operations
    • Selection and Procurement of RFID Systems


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